Boat Loan Application
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*Individual - I am applying for an individual account in my own name and am relying on my own income and assets, and not on the income or assets of another person, as the basis of the repayment of the credit requested.
*Joint - We are applying for joint credit, and are relying on our joint income and assets as basis for repayment for the credit requested.

*Application Type:         
     Boat Purchase(within the next 60 days)
     Pre-Approval Application(within the next 60 days)
*Boat : New Used

*First Name
Middle Name
*Last Name
*Street Address (P.O.Box # is not accepted)
*Primary Phone
*Email Address

Following five fields required if you have decided on a specific boat.
(If you have not selected a specific boat we need a general idea of the boat you want to purchase.)
*Boat Manufacturer
*Model Name
*Model Number
*Boat Year
Application cannot be processed for boats older than 30 model years.
*Boat Length
*Hull Material
*Title State
Application cannot be processed. This boat is not eligible for lien recording with the USCG.
Boats less than 27` do not meet USCG Documentation requirements.
  (Which state will boat be kept in after the purchase)

*Will this Boat be kept in US waters at loan closing and after
    following purchase Yes No

*Will this vessel be used as a dwelling/residence (primary or otherwise)
    Yes No

*Will you be a live aboard     Yes No

*Purchase Date (4 digits year)
*Date you take possession (4 digits year)

*Are you self-employed? Yes No
*If yes, how long? Years
Must have filed 2 full years of business federal tax returns.
*Have you declared bankruptcy? Yes No
*If yes, how long ago? Years

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